Bowers Brothers

DSCF6789A 34 Ford Coupe with a rear engine Olds or the competition coupe owned by Ray and George Bowers. It was powered by a 346 cu. in Olds fitted with a 671 blower which was crank driven. They established the class record in 1961 at Petersburg Va. drags turning a 10:56 at 155.6 mph. The record still stands because the class was later dropped. We are sorry to say that George passed away this year. Ray is still an active member.nationaldragracingrecords  PICTURE 3 R&C READYPICTURE 2 R&C READY PICTURE 1 R&C READY PICTURE 1 R&C READY nationaldragracingrecordszoom scan0002 scan0001 PICTURE 7 R&B READY PICTURE 5 R&C READY PICTURE 4 R&C READY scan0006 scan0005 scan0004 scan0003 nationaldragracingrecords copy FIAT Copy of scan0007 Copy of scan0006 Copy of scan0005 Copy of scan0004 Copy of scan0003 Copy of scan0002 Copy of scan0001 bowersmotor bowers & flagmam bowerrearengR&C ready 1934 Ford rear mounted 455 Cubic Inch Olds engine.  Rumors have it they Bowers were “asked” to leave The Hatfield Raceway, after their first pass.

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